Video Tutorial Lightroom Dslr

Cara Edit Foto Kekinian: Aquamarine Seperti DSLR di Adobe Lightroom | Tutorial
Halow temans... welcome back to DW artworks! Setelah kemaren beberapa kali aku ngasih tutorial VSCO dan Picsart di android dan iPhone, sekarang aku kembali ngasih tutorial Lightroom ke kalian....

Published: 22-06-2017
Duration: 4:15
Definition: hd
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Tutorial edit efek aquamarine seperti dslr di android menggunakan aplikasi picsay pro
Buat kalian para adm yg gk punya kamera dslr kalian bisa ikuti tutor ini Makasih yg udah nonton video ini ☺ SUBCRIBE Kalo kalian mau...

Published: 24-12-2016
Duration: 7:28
Definition: hd
View: 212334
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Comment: 60
How To Tether Your DSLR Camera | Lightroom 6 & CC Tutorial
Prevent Data Loss - Ashampoo Backup Pro 11: Save BIG on Burning Studio 19: In this Lightroom tutorial I will show you how you can...

Published: 14-09-2015
Duration: 5:49
Definition: hd
View: 26278
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Comment: 41
Cara Edit Teal and Orange di Lightroom Android dan iOS | Tutorial
Hai guys, kembali lagi di DW artworks! Setelah kemarin aku ngasih tutorial Cara Edit Foto Skin Tones, sekarang aku balik lagi ngasih tutorial cara edit foto Tone Teal and Orange dengan menggunakan...

Published: 07-04-2017
Duration: 5:56
Definition: hd
View: 315242
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Comment: 120
Lightroom CC - Working with DSLR Video
The product featured in this video is Lightroom Classic CC, previously known as Lightroom CC. For more information, please visit: Master the features for editing,...

Published: 22-04-2015
Duration: 7:32
Definition: hd
View: 104704
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Comment: 73
Add Your Signature or Logo to Your Photography in Lightroom
In this video you'll learn how to create and add your signature to a photo using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Published: 14-07-2016
Duration: 6:47
Definition: hd
View: 153068
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Comment: 52
How to edit HDR: Lightroom Tutorial
How to edit HDR: Lightroom Tutorial. I explain how to setup your DSLR to shoot an HDR image using 3 exposures and then edit the images in Lightroom to obtain the final HDR photo. Subscribe...

Published: 12-11-2017
Duration: 7:24
Definition: hd
View: 1916
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Adobe Lightroom CC Bangla Tutorial Project ।। Edit 500 pictures in a few minutes
Adobe Lightroom CC 2018 Bangla Tutorial Adobe Lingtroom CC Download Link: PC: Android:

Published: 28-12-2017
Duration: 8:11
Definition: hd
View: 8175
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Comment: 48
How to Turn a Boring Photo Into an Awesome Image With Lightroom! - Lightroom Photo Editing
In this video I am showing you how I take a boring and flat street photo of Paris and turn it into an awesome picture that is full of life, interest and dynamic while explaining you every step...

Published: 16-10-2015
Duration: 17:51
Definition: hd
View: 894745
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Comment: 657
Cinematic Look FAST! Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop Tutorial
In this tutorial, you learn how to create more cinematic colour grade footage with easy tips on colour correction and photoshop manipulation. We take Cinematic colour grading and looks to...

Published: 09-02-2017
Duration: 8:35
Definition: hd
View: 39535
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Advanced Photo Editing! | Adobe Lightroom Tutorial!
SUBSCRIBE: Special Thanks To Sam: Helpful tips on how to edit your .RAW image files taken on DSLR in Adobe Lightroom....

Published: 26-01-2015
Duration: 19:44
Definition: hd
View: 37777
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Lightroom tutorial: Tethering a Camera to Lightroom
Colin shows you how to tether a camera to Lightroom so that your photos appear directly on your screen while shooting. for 12 hours of Lightroom training

Published: 11-07-2013
Duration: 3:14
Definition: sd
View: 119727
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Cara Edit Foto DSLR di Picsart Android | Tutorial Picsart and Lightroom Indonesia
Cara Edit Foto Instagram di Picsart Android | Tutorial Picsart and Lightroom Indonesia Instagram : Model : syacrizaalya Pudding : marbolfood https://www.ins...

Published: 13-10-2016
Duration: 21:26
Definition: hd
View: 100685
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Comment: 67
Using Adobe Lightroom 5 to edit photographs. A basic photo editing tutorial preview.
In this video Damien Lovegrove demonstrates how to enhance photographs in minutes using Adobe Lightroom (v5). Using just the basic sliders and tool set he brings 29 RAW files to life in real...

Published: 21-10-2013
Duration: 6:9
Definition: hd
View: 565468
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Cara Edit Foto Tone Cinematic || Tutorial Lightroom
Hey guys... Kali ini aku ada video tentang Cara Edit Foto Tone Cinematic || Tutorial Lightroom. Di video tutorial kali ini aku mengajarkan dan kita belajar bersama cara edit foto urbex menggunakan...

Published: 27-07-2017
Duration: 7:52
Definition: sd
View: 44609
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Lightroom Tutorial | Nikon d750 Raw File Editing its Beyond
This photo is taken with nikon 750 and you can see that how much details and data has captured in this dslr camera and at iso hundred almost undrexposed image is retouch and recovered completly...

Published: 20-12-2016
Duration: 5:25
Definition: hd
View: 22696
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Create a Stunning Panorama with Lightroom and Photoshop Tutorial - PLP#15 by Serge Ramelli
If you want to see all my favorite software, apps and gear click here You can see what I use and love to work with everyday. Buy Photoshop and Lightroom...

Published: 15-10-2012
Duration: 17:8
Definition: hd
View: 170310
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Comment: 130
Cara Edit White Tone Filter di Lightroom + Picsart Android dan iOS | Tutorial
Hai guys, welcome back to DW artworks! Di video tutorial kali ini aku mau ngasih tutorial Cara Edit Foto White Tone Filter dengan menggunakan aplikasi Adobe Photoshop Lightroom dan Picsart...

Published: 02-05-2017
Duration: 6:46
Definition: hd
View: 78466
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ADOBE LIGHTROOM TUTORIAL - Mengubah foto dari hp menjadi kualitas DSLR (android)
vidio kali ini tentang ADOBE LIGHTROOM TUTORIAL, recomended buat teman-teman yang baru belajar ADOBE LIGHTROOM smoga bermanfaat :) JANGAN LUPA SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, AND COMMENT :)

Published: 17-09-2017
Duration: 5:18
Definition: hd
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Lightroom 6 Tutorial - Cinematic Photography Edit In Lightroom CC
In this lightroom CC Video Tutorial I show you haw to create a cinematic photo in Lightroom 6. Editing cinematic photos is pretty simple using these lightroom tips and tricks. By the end you...

Published: 21-01-2016
Duration: 9:5
Definition: hd
View: 306483
Like: 6356
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Comment: 243

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